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Hosting your website
When you have your domain name chosen and your website is ready to be uploaded you need to arrange for your site to be "hosted" on a server so it can then be made available on the world wide web. Servers are essentially very fast computers with a large hard drive, permanently connected to the internet. Your website is stored or "hosted" on the server and then made available to the world wide web.

Larger businesses will often host their site on an inhouse server, however smaller businesses will find the costs of setting up a web server expensive and so you can choose to use one of the readily available hosting companies. Prices vary depending on the size of your site, how much traffic you expect to receive, and whether your site uses databases or conducts e-commerce transactions.

Endorphin Digital can host your site on our server through Iserve from just $30 per month, or can help you choose a host to suit your requirements.

If you prefer to organise the hosting yourself we can upload your site to your chosen host.

Please note that these prices can fluctuate and are subject to change without notice. Please contact me for an accurate costing.

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